New To Hi-Way?

Hi-Way has something for everyone!

Our community welcomes everyone from all walks of life and this includes you.  Check out our programs for children, youth, young adults, adults, parents, singles and seniors.  We want to share life with you.

What to expect during your first visit:

At present we have one weekend service on Sunday morning at 10:00am with a children's program and nursery available.  We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the service so that you can drop off your kids at their programs and make your way to the main auditorium.

We want you to feel comfortable and at ease.  We have a variety of clothing styles in our service so if you feel more comfortable wearing a t-shirt and jeans, please do.

Hi-Way Church is committed to presenting the truths from God's Word in such a way that you can apply them to your life, no matter where you are in life's journey.  The service is a time for you to get close to God.  Our music is lively at times or quiet at other times but each person worships in various ways which may include clapping or raising hands or quietly reflecting on the words. 

Each Sunday service, our regular attenders have a time to worship God with their money but as a guest, please do not feel pressure to give.  This is a time that the people can thank God for His provision and His working in their lives as well as giving Hi-Way Church the funds to operate in order to help other people come to know Jesus.

What's Happening...