Crossfire Assembly is a struggling congregation in a high-needs area of Hamilton. Hiway is coming alongside to lighten the load and making this a mission opportunity that is easy to reach. 


Hiway Church not only supports Crossfire financially but also sent a team to run a Vacation Bible School in 2015 and 2017.

Hiway Church has also given hands-on support by painting and doing repairs on their building.

Empower Ministries is a global missions organization that exists to strengthen and equip national churches around the world, and to assist in revitalizing the Church in Canada. 

Since Empower Ministries is located in our city, Hiway Church volunteers are able to do mission work without leaving the city. Volunteers can stuff envelopes, work in the warehouse, being hands-on wherever needed.

Learn more about Empower Ministries.

Teen Challenge Canada is a 12-month, faith-based, residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation program with centres located across Canada.

 In 1958, Pastor David Wilkerson reached out to troubled street youth in New York City.  Teen Challenge was created to meet the needs of these youths and the ministry of Teen Challenge has spread literally around the world.  


Teen Challenge not only helps a person for a short time, but also their families and for a lifetime.  

It is radically changing their lives.


Teen Challenge Grad Stories: Tracey’s Story


More Information:  tcgta.ca



Seeing the vision of Good News India (GNI), Hiway Church has partnered with the organization and has proceeded to supply funds along with City of Barrie donors to build a Dream Home in Malkanguri India.


Most of GNI work is deep inside rural India where the people live in dreadful poverty. Many of our kids have a single parent who has to eke out a living as a day labourer, working all day in the fields for about 50 cents per day. Sometimes both parents have to work like this in order to barely feed themselves. More often than not, the children “wander around” until the guardian comes home. 


If you would like to donate to this project, go to here


Visit Good News India website



The Chaplaincy Ministry in Cuba is one of the largest outreaches of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Cuba.  With services being held several times a week in over 150 prisons, thousands of prisoners are giving their lives to the Lord.  Visits to the prisoner’s families have resulted in many thousands more who have acknowledged Jesus as their Saviour.


Learn more about Empower Ministries.